Yomitan to become most populous village in Japan

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Come Jan. 1 2014, Yomitan Village will become the most populous village in the nation. To celebrate the event, Yomitan Village Tourism Department announced a plan to hold a variety of unique countdown events leading to the big day.

Currently the total population of the Yomitan stands at 40,562. Stanrting Oct. 1st, the village tourism department started a campaign called “I’m number one of the village!” in which they began recruiting people from Yomitan who are, or have, a special something that makes them number one. For example, it could a lady having more than 100 grand and great grand children, or a farmer that has been using the same tractor for over 40 years. Anyone who believes to possess something unique can apply.

From December, as an event to bring visitors to the village, the World Heritage Site Zakimi Castle Ruins will be lit up. A count-down concert is also scheduled.

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