Human bones discovered in Shimoji, Miyako Island

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Human bones belonging to 25-30 people were found on a farmland in Shimoji, Miyakojima, Oct. 3.

According Miykojima Police, the time of death of the people whose bones were discovered is unknown so far, but based on initial examination of the remains, there does not seem to be a crime involved.

Local residents speculate the bones might be a result from a type of old Okinawan burial custom called Fu-so, when, instead of cremating the deceased, they would be left in a cave for weather animals and insects to dispose of. Or they could be victims of the huge tsunami in 1771 that destroyed much of Miyako and Yaeyama Islands, or even from some incident during the WWII.

Miyakojima Board of Education is investigating the area where the bones were found, and will decide whether to preserve them as a culture heritage.

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