Nishihara High School band wins two gold medals at World Music Contest

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Nishihara High School Marching Band visited Nishihara Town Mayor, Sep. 3, to report that the band had won two gold medals at the World Music Contest that was held in Holland on July 27 and 28, 2013.

The band won the gold medals in the show category and the parade category. The band members visited the Nishihara Town Hall to introduce their performance in the Holland contest with a picture panel.

They also reported on their musical performances at Bercy Park in Paris and Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn in Wien.

Tetsuya Tamaki, the principal of Nishihara High School expressed on behalf of the band their appreciation to townspeople, who donated the funds to travel to the events. Rina Arakaki, the captain of the band, said it was amazing when they received a standing ovation from the audience of 9,000 spectators at the contest venue. “This experience should be my treasure for my whole life,” she said.

Town Mayor Akira Uema greeted the band, and said “We are proud of you all members for promoting the name of Nishihara Town world wide.”

The Nishihara High School Marching Band is scheduled next to perform at Nishihara Festival, to be held on Oct. 26 in Nishihara Town.

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