Kunigami to set up yambarukuina education center

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Kunigami Village officials announced Aug. 28 that they have decided to open a Display and Study Facility or live Yanbarukuina within the Prefectural Farm Animal Husbandry Improvement Center in the Ada district of Kunigami village on Sep. 14th.

It is estimated that there are only 1,500 Yanbarukuina alive in the northern parts of Okinawa, and the aim of the new facility is to educate the public of the way of life of the protected bird, and promote its conservation activities.

According to village officials, visitors can watch live birds inside of a gage that simulates the natural bush environment of Northern Okinawa forests. The entry fee is ¥500 for adults, and ¥200 for children of elementary and junior high school age.

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