Grand Blue Italian restaurant sports superb view

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The night-view over Awase area from the spacious garden of Grand Blue is breath-taking.

Autumn season is just around the corner in Okinawa, and comfortable breezes keeping it not too hot and not cold yet, the perfect time to visit a great new restaurant, the Grand Blue Italian restaurant.

The restaurant is converted from a private residence.

Now is the greatest season on Okinawa, the perfect time to surround yourself with friends or have fun with good cuisine. Grand Blue Italian restaurant provides that. The genuine Italian restaurant offers a spectacular view of central Okinawa, daytime or nighttime, of its hilltop location in Kitanakagusuku. Grand Blue is not only clean and sporting a high-class interior, but also has a relaxing terrace with a panorama view of the island, surrounded by a large garden.

Free parking is available by the entrance and elsewhere close by.

The specialty of Grand Blue is Napoli Pizza, with the

ingredients of dough imported from Italia and baked in a  wood fired oven that is from Italia, too.  That’s the explanation from chef Keiichiro Makabe. The Grand Blue is celebrating its 8th year now. To highlight the occasion they serve some specials like an ¥800 lunch of a genuine Pizza Margherita cheese with salad bar and drink bar, of ¥1300 for the same Margherita plus special highest class mozzarella from Hokkaido.  There also are lunch sets featuring a steak, fish, curry or pasta. For dinners customers are able to order course menus starting from ¥2,625 with steak, salad rice or bread, soup, dessert and drink. Of course, there are ala carte dishes featuring various kinds of pizzas, and pastas.

All main ingredients are imported from Italy to ensure authenticy.

Don’t miss dinner specials for Japan Update readers, as Grand Blue offers a military special dinner menu which includes tomato pasta with highest quality mozzarella cheese, bagna cauda plus a glass of wine, all for only ¥980.  Normally it costs ¥1800! Its available until end of September at dinner time only. Wine can be substituted with soft drinks. As another special for customers, Grand Blue serves a drink special for ¥1,000 for 90 minutes, with a choice of Kinmugi beer, glasses of wine, cocktails, Awamori or soft drinks. Drink special is available for whole groups or individual customers, and can not be mixed with some in a group ordering drink specials and some not; kids must participate for this special for dinner time. Until end of September there’s also a ladies’ special that includes the 90-minute drink special with salad bar for ¥1200 every Tuesday, night time only.

Please tell your wait staff you read Japan Update or bring this paper to the restaurant when you order one of the specials.

For wine lovers, there’s a wine special featuring Miravai Rose, a fine rose wine produced by a French

The Anniversary Special is an ¥800 lunch of a genuine cheese Pizza Margherita with salad bar and drink bar, of ¥1300 for the same Margherita plus special highest class mozzarella from Hokkaido.

Winery on a wine yard owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; its produced only in very limited quantities. There is also Kenzo Estate product of Napa Valley, California, another very hard to find wine in Japanese restaurants.

Grand Blue open daily except Wednesday, and beginning October 17th every day from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. for lunch, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. for teatime, and 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. for dinner.  Last order is 10 p.m. for food and 10:30 p.m. for drinks. Grand Blue is located next to EM Costa Vista hotel.  A google map is at http://goo.gl/maps/AqexX , and their website is http://www.grandblue-okinawa.com/.

Plenty of parking is available, and yen or major credit cards are accepted.  Menus with pictures are available. Companion pet dogs are allowed only at lunch and teatime on the terrace space.

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