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Sep 12 ~ Sep 18


There could be many things getting into your nerves during this week. Especially, why don’t other people seem to appreciate your opinions? You have to understand that not everyone is as much an expert as you are in your field. Maybe you should show them a better way ahead, but be sensitive. At least that would be worth trying as it could save you from constant frustration.


Do you feel that many people misunderstand you? Welcome to the club! People around us could come out as impatient and narrow-minded. Luckily things are going to get better as time goes by. You should follow your own path and do what you enjoy doing. At the same time, you should listen to and try to help those who are closest to you in any way you can.


This weekend you are very determined and even outright hardheaded. So, others have to watch out and keep out of your way. But remember, no one can be right always. Think carefully about consequences of your decisions before acting. There’s a close relationship that you have to treat with care, especially if your partner is unsure about your future plans and intentions.


Changes coming at your home could be surprising and even outright confusing. Maybe you haven’t paid enough attention on what’s going on around you. However, there’s nothing that would threaten the harmony of your world. Just be willing to cooperate, but don’t take anything for granted. When you ask the right questions, you’ll have the answers right within your grasp.


No doubt you have plenty of opinions, but the question is, is anyone listening. It is important to find out what other people are expecting from you. Sometimes it’s difficult to see yourself through the eyes of others. You should just concentrate on bare essentials for the moment, and that would make your life so much easier, and much less stressful.


Sometimes you would like to do everything in your power to reach you goals, and at times you just would like to let it all go and give up. It’s time to think at what point did you lose your way. It would be the easies to start from the beginning and find another and easier road to follow. Maybe it’s not as quick, but much less stressing. Your friend may have answers.


This week and going to the next you are at the top of your game, and you would expect the same from those around you. In order to achieve this, they need plenty of encouragement, but that does not mean a kick on the butt. You have plenty of clout and power of persuasion, so that’s what you should use. Of course, some people need always to be told what they should be doing.


There’s plenty of room for criticism in this world, but you’re feeling that sometimes it all targets you. The fact is that you can very well listen to opinions of others, and do with them what you want. But somewhere there could be the seed of truth. It would be good to sometimes take a break, and think about the real source of all the criticism, and what you really could do about it.


Sometimes it’s really difficult to figure out what’s the source of a certain restlessness. It could be something that happened just recently, but more likely it’s an unfulfilled hope or goal. Today could be a good time to forget everything that happened in the past, and try something completely new. At least that would clear your head and help you to see the world in a different light.


You are in aggressive mood this weekend extending well into the next week. It is not likely that you would meet much resistance in your rush ahead, but if that happens, you can always use your charm and good talking skills to clear your path to your goal. But you should pay some extra attention to your love life, as there’s someone important that requires your attention.


Sometimes we all feel that we are drowning in our duties and responsibilities. There’s no running away. The solution is to take charge. If you can’t resolve it all in one big sweep, divide everything in small manageable pieces. If you need advice, ask a friend rather than a colleague as an outsider opinion would be more honest. But take a rest over the weekend.


As you have taken it a little easier that seems to have resulted in a strange situation. People may ask, have you lost your ambition. Maybe it’s the time to start from the beginning. Do not let the thought that has worried you to keep you back any more. When you do your best, no one can ask you more. The life has plenty of new to offer for you.


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