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July 25~31


It’s not necessarily a bad thing to get excited about something new, but you should thing very carefully before throwing yourself head first to something you don’t know much to begin with. Do most important things yourself first, and make sure that your interests are taken care of. You should allow more space to your lover,


You imagination is running on overdrive, and everything seems to be within reach. However, that is not necessarily true. Try to balance your feelings in order to reach the best possible results. Do not expect the world to be perfect, and remember that flexibility and sense of humor are the traits that bring balance into your life.


You feel very self confident this week, but you should not overdo it. At home you may have to rely on compromises in case disagreements pop up. You are going to need a good combination of good luck and determination to reach the best outcome. This time you should avoid any unnecessary risks both at your work and with money.


Your best intentions can turn out to nothing if you don’t take them seriously and use some time and effort. Study everything before making a decision. Everything can be seen from many angles, and you should know them all. Support from your life companion essential to allow you more flexibility. Be ready to rapid progress.


You self-confidence is solid and in the right place, so this is the right time to push forward to your goals. A practical attitude would help to straighten up your finances. A small event that at first seems insignificant, turns out to be very important and rewarding, just when you thought the life was getting to be very dull.


There is much good energy flowing around you. In order to focus it all right, a practical approach is necessary. Forget or at least postpone all high-flying plans, a short-term focus is what pays for you just now. You should trust in yourself more. One of your personal relationships seems to go nowhere. Freedom could mean a possibility in this case.


You have waited for a long time to show what you really can do, and you time at the limelight has arrived, so enjoy it. Those who disagree with you could only be jealous. Although it could be difficult to admit, not everyone has you best interests in their mind. So, avoid making small things in life too complicated to handle.


You have a strong desire to advance in your life, so it could be frustrating to wait. However, in the long run it’s the best strategy to run slow and with careful thought. You will find the right answers when you take a little relaxed attitude. Just now patience is very important and will bear fruit in the future. Si, don’t hurry.


Although you feel that you are full of energy just now, try to take it easy in order to avoid taking pm too many responsibilities. Expanding your social network is very important at this time. Interesting people could walk by you if you are not alert to their potential. You want changes in your life, but timing is the most important part of this.


It seems that everyone around you has an opinion about what you should do next. As there’s no way to please everyone, you should put your domestic affairs on the forefront. That is where you find your happiness and satisfaction in the future. Keep your focus and avoid being distracted at work, and especially pay attention to your schedule.


You will get new information concerning someone that shows you that you have misunderstood this person badly. But it’s more important to fix the misunderstanding than feeling sorry over it. People appreciate when you help them even if they don’t show it right away. In the short run, you should try to combine work and fun.


Someone’s off-hand comment could open old wounds. But if being tactful is not your best trait just now, maybe it’s would be better to keep your mouth shut and say nothing. There is an opportunity at your door that you have waited for a long time. You should grab it while you can. Your inspiration will show you the right direction.

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