Drunk serviceman breaks into shop, runs away in taxi

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A U.S. military man, supposedly an Army serviceman, broke a glass door and entered a shop about 6 a.m., on June 21, in Chatan, and once inside, went on a rampage breaking several items. The man then got into a taxi with another man who had rushed to the scene, and rode away.

According to the owner of the shop, he found a pair of pants on the shop floor that the drunk man had taken off. There also was a wallet in a pocket of the pants with an American military I.D. inside identifying the cardholder as an Army serviceman.

According to the owner, the man looked very drunk, and Okinawa City Police is looking for him on suspicion of damaging property.

The shop owner said that he had heard the sound of the glass crashing around 6 a.m., went to investigate and called the police. After a short time, two other foreigners rushed to the scene, and the man who had broken the glass along with one of the two, ran away and got into a taxi while the third man talked to the building owner.

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