Drunk driver arrested for causing fatal accident

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Naha City Police arrested Erina Uehara of Kochinda, Yaese Town on suspicion of driving drunk and hitting a man crossing the road on Hwy 330 around the Tsubogawa district of Naha city. According to Naha Police, the breathalyzer test detected almost five times the legal limit of alcohol in Uehara’s breath. Uehara admitted to drinking and driving, but insisted there could not remain any alcohol her body as she had had drinks several hours earlier, thus denying a part of the charge.

The man who was hit died of injuries he suffered as a result of the hit. He was identified as Kiyotsugu Shingaki, a 53-year-old public worker of Naha City.

According to Naha police, Uehara’s car hit Shingaki abound 6:15 a.m. on June 1st when he was crossing the road on foot on Hwy 330 in Tsubogawa in Naha city. Shingaki was taken unconscious to a hospital where he was confirmed dead at 7:53 a.m., on the same day.

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