Woman rescued from raging Asato river

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A caller to the police emergency number reported a woman drifting with the river flow in Asato River at the Hotaru Bridge, May 23 afternoon.

Police and Fire Department rescue teams located the woman about 15 minutes after they got the call about one kilometer down the river from the bridge, and were able to rescue and taker her to a hospital.

According to Naha Police, the woman is a 61-year-old resident of Naha. She was suffering a cardiopulmonary arrest at the time she was rescued, but she was revived but remains unconscious in the hospital.

According to a local resident, the water level at the Hotaru Bridge was some four to five meters above the normal level because of the extremely heavy rain that day. The water flow in the river was very strong, too.

The man who called the police is a teacher of a primary school near the Hotaru Bridge. He noticed the woman as he was assisting students to get back home safely during such a heavy rain. Police is still investigating how and why she fell down into the river.

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