Two bull sharks found in Asato River

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Two young bull sharks were discovered in Asato River in Naha, May 8.

Toshihiro Nakanishi, an Urasoe City worker spotted the two sharks, one 70 cm and the other about one meter long, in the river near Yui-rail Makishi Station. “I especially noticed their triangular dorsal fins sticking out of water, and that’s when I was sure they were sharks,” Nakanishi said.

Keiichi Sato, a staff member at the General Research Center of the Ocean Exposition Commemorative Management Foundation said that the sharks were likely bull sharks, because bull sharks can adapt to swim in fresh water, and sometimes they area found or caught in rivers. Especially infant bull sharks often appear in rivers before summer. Sato says bull sharks can grow up to three meters long when they become adults, and it is one of the shark species that attack people. However, very young bull sharks don’t attack people, but they still have very sharp teeth even when they are just babies, so people should keep that in mind if they happen to catch one.

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