Two bodies found in ocean

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A man who had gone fishing from a breakwater at Naha New Port, called the police emergency number reporting something that looked like a human-shaped doll or mannequin floating off the concrete blocks of the breakwater, Saturday.

Naha Coast Guard dispatched a patrol boat to the scene, and officers on board confirmed that what the man had seen floating was a dead body, which they recovered.

According to the coast guard, the body is already deteriorated to the point they could not identify whether the body was a man or woman or the age of the person. However, they noted that the body wore gray colored women’s underwear. The body was floating among the breakwater blocks at an area about 1.5 kilometers north from the lighthouse on the first breakwater off Naha New Port.

A fisherman who was sailing on Nago Bay called Japan Coast Guard, Saturday afternoon, to report a floating body in the ocean. Nago Coast Guard station sent a patrol boat to recover the body.

According to Nago Coast Guard, the body is a woman, who wore black and floral design long sleeve shirt and jeans. However, the identity of the body could not be determined immediately because of the advanced deterioration of the corpse.

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