Mother Earth Jewelry Exhibition open at Café Unizon

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Jewelry and accessories all made of natural materials are on display at Cafe Unizon.

A free Mother Earth Jewelry Exhibition is now in progress at the Café Unizon in Ginowan.

The focus of this exhibition is beautiful jewelry produced from and inspired by the Mother Earth.

Jewelries, using genuine stones, silver, leather, beads, and metal carvings, profess their own natural beauty. Many stones and jewelries are used in the motifs, such as birds, plants, and other objects from nature, which the earth induced, and which shine colorfully in this collection on display during this event.

The brands from Okinawa which attract attention around the world are also being shown. Original pictures and picture works of jewelry, which are both on exhibition, are also available for sale. Special jewelry is also offered as presents for the Japanese Mother’s Day.

The second floor features a cafe where visitors can make themselves comfortable admiring a scenic view from the window.  Café Unizon is located just outside the Futenma Housing area fence. Free parking is available in front of the shop.

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