Marine Corps Base Butler wins 2013 environmental award

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Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler’s environmental program has been recognized by the Department of Defense as part of the 2013 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards, for environmental quality in an overseas installation.
Each year the DOD honors individuals, teams and installations for outstanding achievements, innovative environmental practices and partnerships promoting quality of life and increasing efficiency without compromising mission success. MCB Butler was recognized for its programs, which enhanced environmental quality while sustaining the Marine Corps’ ability to effectively train and maintain force readiness.

MCB Butler’s environmental program proactively supported mission readiness by providing the most extensive environmental training program within the Asia-Pacific region for Department of Defense installations, and completing plans and environmental analyses using in-house staff to save time and money, as well as effectively managing land entrusted to the Marine Corps.  “Using in-house staff and resources, MCB Butler’s program maintains and fully implements an environmental management system that has exceeded DOD requirements,” said Joseph Vogel, the environmental director of MCB Butler.
Throughout the past two years, MCB Butler has accomplished numerous environmental successes. One is the prevention of the cane toad population growth, one of the world’s most invasive species because of its poisonous glands and overwhelming appetite.  MCB Butler was also recognized for collecting more than 9 million pounds of recyclables from nearly 700 locations throughout Okinawa, which generated nearly $2 million.
They were also evaluated on how the environmental program effectively facilitated military readiness and mission activities. The environmental program not only helps the military, but also helps certify hazardous waste disposal by American and Japanese contractors. “We will continue to do whatever it takes to try and improve the environment throughout MCB Butler and the Asian-Pacific region,” said Vogel.

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