House Councilors election candidates come forward

Category: [ Politics ]

Three hopefuls are announced to start their campaigns to compete for the single seat that Okinawa has available in the next House of Councilors or Upper House of the Diet election that is scheduled for July 21.

65-year-old Keiko Itokazu, the incumbent and a veteran politician representing the Socialist Masses Party, 45-year-old Masaaki Asato who is officially backed by the Liberal Democratic Party, and Tatsuo Kinjyo from the Happiness Realization Party will vie for the seat.

Also two proportional-representation candidates from Okinawa have announced that they will take part in the election. Hiroji Yamashiro is officially backed by the Social Democratic Party, and Shoukichi Kina, who lost his lower house seat in the last election and is backed by the Democratic Party of Japan in the upcoming upper house ballot.

The election scheduled to be held on July 21, and the candidates are formally confirmed on July 4th.

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