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May 30 ~ June 5


There’s plenty of talk but very little action. For you to see some progress is going to take a little bit more effort. A solution is within your reach, but the problem is how to present it to others to get them onboard. The best course of action is to be as clear as possible but tell everything straight. Simple is best in this case.


Try to rein in your over active imagination, so you can come up with a real solution to your dilemma. Pretty soon you are going to have plenty of other things in your mind, as love and life are going to take all your energy. In order to give a chance for these two to succeed you have to make sure that you yourself are lovable.


There is a right way to accomplish something, and then there is a wrong way. You know this weekend what is right, but taking a shortcut is tempting. Although it’s understandable, it’s not the best choice. When you have this much energy, it can be difficult to be patient. Make sure that you don’t expect too much some someone,


Some people se your determination as being hard headed. This time you can make that work to your advantage, though. Do not let others to push you into a corner, and you will soon realize who have your interests in mind. When’s the last time you surprised your lover with something nice? Maybe this weekend is the right time.


This time it could be difficult to keep a secret, as you are itching to share what you know. But you should take into account that divulging someone’s secret can have dire consequences. You should instead do something entirely new and challenging. This would help you to see things clearer and in the right perspective.


Although you may not agree, the fact is that you don’t need the most expensive trinkets in the world around you in order to be happy. Simple things can be beautiful, and don’t impose a strain on your budget. Any conflicts with your partner can be resolved when, after an earnest discussion, you realize that you both want the same.


You should feed your imagination by visiting somewhere you have never been before. It does not need to be far away as long as it is something different. When you compare your own life to lives of others, you could start feeling anxiety and conflict. So better not even start. Instead, you should be happy with the goals you have achieved.


Letting a certain person into your life could be scary, or maybe you want to avoid things that you have no experience with. However, you should think carefully what a change in your life could entail. There could be a new possibility, and you only have to grab it. There may even be a path to real and lasting happiness.


Winds of change are blowing in your life this time. The question is whether you take the opportunity, or do you want to hide behind known and safe everyday routines. Something special is coming to your way. Admittedly, almost everything new is scary, but then can you afford to walk away? Maybe your thoughts should be “what if…”


If you listen to your inner self carefully, you will suddenly become aware that you understand a question that has been in your mind fl a long time. You may feel that it’s too late to do something about it, but that’s not true. It is possible to start from the beginning, and do it right this time. Everyone deserves a second chance.


Some people you have considered quite boring in the past are going to show you their value. Maybe they have changed because of you, but it could be useful for you to recollect your thinking and motives from the past. There’s romance in the air, so you should try to relax and give it a chance to develop and eventually bloom.


Nothing seems to go ahead this week and next. You can complain all you want, but sometimes progress just takes its own time. In the meantime, maybe you should focus on something different altogether. Another advantage would be that you would show someone that you can’t be regarded as a done deal. Unless that’s what you want.

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