Heavy rainfall, lightning strike cause damage

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Okinawa main island experienced heavy rainfall and thunderstorm on May 15 that caused some damage and power outages in Naha and Urasoe areas.

In Matsuo, Naha City, a part of retaining wall of the 5th floor of a building fell down because a lighting struck on the top of the building.

In Samukawa, Shuri, a part of a cliff just next to a parking lot of an office building collapsed onto the parking area because of the heavy rain.

And according to the Okinawa Electric Power Company, up to 2,500 houses were blacked out in Urasoe City on the 15th, but all had power restored by the evening. 300 houses in other areas experienced black outs and had the power restored the same day.

Police said that at least six traffic lights in Naha City went out temporarily, and some streets in the city were flooded. At Jitchaku Crossing in Urasoe, the traffic lights stopped for almost 45 minutes in the evening.

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