Health industry teams up for Healing Paradise

Category: [ Health & Beauty ]
Therapists and experts offer advice and guidance for ¥500 a session during the event.

The 10th Healing Paradise, the Festival of Sun & Moon will be bringing together therapists and health care professionals, together with support industries, for meetings between those cured and those doing the curing.

Admission is free to the Sunday, May 26th, conclave in Conference Hall A at the Ginowan Convention Center.  The sessions run 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m., an event recognizing Okinawa as a healing island extending love and good feelings to the world.  The sessions bring together therapists both from within Okinawa and

The Healing Paradise features everything from spiritual activities to beauty products.

from the mainland.

They will be interacting with others interested in healing, holistic activities and spiritual moves, then studying cases for ¥500 per discussion.  Others will represent healing goods, cafes, massage centers, nail art salons and other healthy industries.  Visitors can experience the various businesses and health care activities, and even fortune-telling.

Food sales will all be centered on a theme of ‘healthy’ and a flea market in the adjacent field will make it a full day for visitors and families.

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