Fossil Exhibition big draw at Nago Museum

Category: [ Nature & Environment ]
Fossilized remains of ammonites, and other animals and plants are on display in Nago Museum through May 20.

Nago Museum, Okinawa Stone Association, Ryukyu University Hujukan and Okinawa Prefectural Museum have teamed up to offer a special Fossil Exhibition through Sunday, May 20th, at the Nago Museum in Agarie, Nago City.

The Fossil Exhibition at the Nago Museum is free, and is open daily 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. Fossils and photograph panels depicting the fossils of ammonites and other animals and plants are on display. Specifically as fossils of Okinawa, long hair rats, Yanbarukuina, extinct Ryukyu Mukashikyon, Ryukyu deer, etc. are prominently exhibited.

As fossils in the world, an exhibition of teeth and hair of the long haired mammoth, and meteorites, which are in relation to fossils, etc. are being exhibited. This is a recommended event to recall studies and memories of the old ancient times once again.

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