Fire at Uruma kills one

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A concrete two-story house caught fire in Kanekadan in Uruma City, Saturday evening. Uruma City Fire Department sent four fire engines, and two ambulances to the scene after they received a phone call reporting the fire from a resident in the area.

The fire was extinguished in a couple of hours, but the first floor of the house was completely destroyed. After the flames were doused, firefighters found one body among the rubble. A woman reportedly in her 90s living in the house was taken to a hospital, but was not seriously injured.

The cause of the fire has not been determined. According to the Uruma Police, a family of four lives the house, and one male is missing. Police investigating the cause of fire is trying to determine whether the dead body could be the missing man.

A man who lives in the neighborhood said that it seemed there were two people in the house when the fire started, one man and one woman, and then the woman was rescued, but the man who had had some kind of problem with his legs seemed to have failed to escape. Area residents at the scene tried to rescue him, but were not successful because of the heat from the raging fire.

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