And this week’s winner is…

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Brian Savour is the winner in this week’s JU raffle.  He won ¥2,500 worth of meal tickets to Balinese Restaurant Sama Sama in Hamby.

Brian is from a “small, nice town” in New York, and has been on Okinawa almost three years.  “I have had a great time here,” he says, adding “but everything comes to an end, and in this case I’ll be leaving in a few days, on June 1, to be exact.”

He says his favorite local food is yakisoba, but most he will be missing nice beaches and diving spots around the island, which he has enjoyed every time he has had some free moments to spare.

Before leaving for good, he hopes that he still can visit the Peace Memorial Park in the southernmost tip of the island. “I have meant to go and see the place ever since I came here, but somehow I never got around to do that,” he confesses. “I hope I can find a few hours so I can finally make it.”

Let’s all hope that he can make it, and wish him good luck in his next assignment.

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