And this week’s winner is…

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The lucky winner of this week’s JU raffle is Nguyen Trinh, who won ¥2,500 worth of meal tickets to Balinese Restaurant Sama Sama in Hamby.

Trinh is from Philadelphia, PA, and has been on Okinawa 21 months. She is scheduled to leave Aug. 1 this year, and says she has enjoyed every minute of her stay on the island.

Her favorite local foods are noodles, especially udon and Okinawan soba. And while not slurping her soba, she has spent her free time exploring the island’s beaches and cultural attractions. She says she’s especially interested in local castle sites. “I like to study history and discover the stories behind those ruins,” she says.

However, her interest in things Okinawan is not limited to ancient aspects of the culture. “I also like eisa and Okinawan folk music, which I have seen in the numerous festivals they have all over the island throughout the year. It’s really interesting,” she concludes.

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