And this week’s winner is…

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Iain and Sayuri Hepburn were the lucky winner of the JU weekly raffle who will enjoy a delicious meal at Balinese Restaurant Sama Sama in Hamby.

Iain is from England, more exactly from a small rural village in Devon. They have lived on Okinawa four and half years, and are looking to leave in 2015. They both say they like it here, and Iain says that he can best describe Okinawa by calling it “stress-free.”

He also likes simple things in life. That’s why his favorite local food is ramen. He says that “I really enjoy the nature here and camping in some quiet and secluded places. I also like snorkeling on the reefs.”

Before leaving the island Iain would like to visit Hokkaido. “Because I’ve never been there!” he says.

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