And this week’s winner is…

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This week’s winner is Jocelyn Symong who won a free night at the Best Western Naha Inn, a nice business hotel in Naha’s Asato district, which is conveniently located within a walking distance from Naha’s Kokusai Street shopping and entertainment district.

Jocelyn, who’s from Hawaii, has live on Okinawa sic years so far, and says that as her life on the island is very pleasant, she’s in n o hurry to move on. “I really don’t know when I’m going to leave, but not likely anytime soon, she says.

She likes her life here including the local food, of which her favorites are Okinawa Soba and gyoza dumplings. In the suture, when she gets a chance, she would like to visit Sapporo – the annual Snow Festival is on top of her list – and Mt. Fuji.

She also likes to explore the island, and would like to get more information on less known places on the island. “I also appreciate the weekly event information in Japan Update and JU website, as they help me to plan my free time,” she explains.

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