Okinawa Truck Art Charity Meeting open to any vehicle

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This baby is ready to deliver the goods.

An automobile show in which anyone, with any kind of vehicle, can take part, is taking place this weekend at the JA Farmers Yomitan Yunta Market in Kina, Yomitan Village.

Admission is free to the 10 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. auto show Sunday, which features decorated trucks, custom cars, historical

No Okinawan event would be complete without Eisa.

cars, audio cars and customized motorbikes. The event, the “Okinawa Art Truck Friendship Meeting” is making its third appearance to friends of vehicle lovers. More than 20,000 spectators turned out for each of the earlier motor carnivals, looking at more than 300 vehicles on display.

Fund-raising will be carried out, although visitors can go to see the cars for free. The funds raised will be used for tools in projects such as a traffic safety patrols, and for the welfare of children orphaned in traffic accidents. In addition, it is also aimed at contributing to a charity foundation for orphans from automobile accidents of Yomitan Village.

Trucks have a major role at the event.

Stalls selling various delicious foods will be open. This is an event designed to simply enjoy the Japanese vehicle culture, which is just a little

bit different from American.

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