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Apr 4 ~ 10


Try to accomplish at least one new and different project this week. Try to get rid of old routines, and redefine your life as much as possible. A hint from your past is pointing you towards a new social contact. If you feel uneasy at times, you should take your life in your own hands. The main point is to be honest to yourself.


There are some personal matters that could get a little complicated soon, so it would be better to keep a low profile for a while. Even if you feel like you are stuck, and nothing gets done, this s not the time to rush into action. A relative or friend could come ahead and remind you about your plans urging you to go ahead, but think first.


You should believe what you hear only after you have checked all the facts, especially when it concerns your job. At the same time, that could give you an opportunity to show your stuff. Someone could test you, so do your best. If you feel like someone does not approve of your partner, just let the time to take care of that.


You have to be on your toes as the time seems to be of essence. There is some kind of rivalry ahead of you concerning either your work or your love life. Although you would prefer not to go with the flow, at this time that’s the best option. You will notice in time when the right time comes to get yourself better into the limelight.


Take notice, when one door in love closes, another opens up. If you are planning to spend the weekend with someone significant, plan carefully. There will be rivalries at your job, but you don’t have to worry about it. Someone in your family is going to cause minor headaches to you, but time will take care of most of it.


You should pay attention to your lover who could feel a bit down, and you could very well help. If the situation is murky, do not let your imagination to run wild, but stick with the facts. Although events could seem to be somewhat chaotic just now, everything will find its place sooner than later, and the future will be bright again.


The best advice for you at this time is to keep a low profile. Pay special attention to details in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings. There is a matter concerning your job that you have to keep your feelings away from, so you don’t give a wrong impression to others. This is not the right time to fortify your position.


Lady luck seems to be on your side at this time, and you should make the best of it. This kind of moment doesn’t come very often to you at this time of the year. A bit of information might not be exactly what you wanted to hear, but then you had no choice but present the question. Share the problems with your lover.


There is a great opportunity ahead of you that really could make you happy. Some people could be against your idea, but are they really thinking what’s best for you, or are they trying to spoil your happiness. Any more serious discussion you should push to the weekend when everyone concerned is more relaxed.


Taking care of your health should be on the forefront in your life just now. You have worked hard lately, and maybe you have forgotten your well-being. Taking a walk on the beach, preferably with a good friend, would help you to remember what real relaxation is all about. Even only making plans for a vacation would cheer you up!


Feeling restless? By all means you should open up, and tell about your thoughts to a good friend, but check the facts first. It is not easy to make yourself understood, especially when feelings are in the mix. The calmer you are able to stay, the clearer your message comes through. But do not expect immediate results. Patience is called for.


The company of your family will guarantee you relaxing moments, as it’s the family that brings stability into your life. Conflicts in your job could be challenging, and you should handle them one at a time. There are no quick solutions, only ways ahead. Keep in mind what is practical and clear to everyone, and then take that direction.

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