And this week’s winner is…

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Geralynn Hughes was the winner of this week’s Japan Update weekly raffle. She won a ¥5,000 meal coupon to Bollywood Dreams Indian Curry & Grill Restaurant located on the second floor of the Depot Island A-building in Mihama.

Geralynn is from a small town of Casa Grande in Arizona, and has lived with her family on Okinawa two and half years. They will stay on the island until August 2014.

She says that her life on the island is great. “There are an amazing number of places to explore on this island considering how small it actually is,” she says. In the future, before leaving Okinawa, she would very much like to have an opportunity to explore smaller outer islands in the chains as she has heard they are also very beautiful.

Her favorite local food is yakisoba, a dish that she had not even heard of before coming here. “Somehow, yakisoba became, and has stayed my favorite from the very first time I tasted it,” she says.

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