Ginoza to begin officially recording Osprey noise

Category: [ Military ]

Ginoza Village has become the first municipality on Okinawa to officially monitor the noise levels caused by the Marines’ Osprey MV-22 aircraft.

Ginoza officials say that they plan to press the Japanese government to take steps to reduce the noise, including changing the flight routes of the aircraft as they conduct drills from Camp Hansen. Officials claim that the noise pollution caused by the Osprey has become a serious problem for the residents.

The first noise measuring equipment has been installed in the village’s Shirohara district that is located just outside Camp Hansen perimeter.

An associate professor at the University of th Ryukyus, Takeshi Tokashiki has measured the noise of Ospreys in the area, and compares the noise level to that of a train passing through elevated tracks when measured below. He has said that the loudest level he has recorded was 98.9 dB at a private house in Ginowan.

At the same time, it has been pointed our that the CH-46 helicopters that the Osprey is replacing are even noisier. And as they are much slower, they linger in the vicinity longer. Osprey is said to be especially quiet after it changes to the flight mode.

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