Gate design contest for Okinawa Zoo Park

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Okinawa City officials have announced a contest for designing a gate to be installed at the entrance of the road leading to Okinawa Kodomo-no Kuni Zoo.

According to Okinawa City spokesman, the city wants to build a gate at the intersection on route 330 over the street that leads to the zoo entrance with the aim to promote the zoo and guide people to the facility. The plan envisions the gate to be 4.5 meters high and 12 meters wide, and to be called “Monument Gate.” The city plans to complete the gate within this year.

Anyone can enter a proposal to the contest. The winner will be awarded a free entrance pass to the zoo park for two adults and two children valid for a year. The spokesman says “We invite everyone, professionals and amateurs alike, to submit their proposals. Even handwritten sketches are fine as long as we can see the design idea on it. We want to get as many ideas as possible.”

The deadline for submitting ideas is Feb. 28.For more information, contact Okinawa City Road Division at 098-939-1212.

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