Youth group patrols Okinawa City streets

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Citing the recent occurrence of U.S. Military-related criminal incidents, including a rape, breaking and entering into a construction site, and a private residence inflicting an injury in the Chubu area of Okinawa Island, the Okinawa City Youth Group Council has started nighttime patrols at the Gate 2 Street and surrounding residential areas from Nov. 9.

40 young people who came to the area after finishing their school classes or work walked the streets that are lined with restaurants frequented by U.S. military personnel, and inspected narrow back alleys and blind spots in the area.

Hideki Kiyuna, the head of the council, said “This time young people feel a strong anger because of the US Forces’ crimes. We considered what we can do, and decided to take this action. I hope that our action sends a message to the U.S. military people that “local residents always see you and you are under watch.”

Kyuna says that the patrolling will be conducted irregularly, and that they aim to share information with Okinawa City and the area residents’ associations, and help preventing crimes.

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