American GI’s in Japan just can’t stay out of trouble

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Senior military commanders in Japan, not to mention the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, are anything but happy today after three separate incidents have landed American servicemen behind bars in Okinawan and mainland Japanese jails.

Yokohama Police are holding a 23-year-old U.S. Navy sailor on suspicion of public indecency while being on the streets in violation of a U.S. military curfew.  Oscar Hayes Wiygul III is being charged with allegedly walking around naked in an internet café on Friday.

Two other incidents took place involving U.S. Marines on Okinawa.  Police on Friday arrested a 27-year-old Marine stationed at Futenma Marine Corps Air Station on charges of drunk driving.  Fernandez Luis’s arrest came after a Japanese woman complained that her car had been hit by the suspect’s vehicle.  The police spokeswoman says Luis has denied the allegations.  There were no injuries in the incident.

The other Okinawa-based Marine now in a Japanese jail is PFC Gregory James Carson II, who was arrested just outside Camp Courtney, where he is stationed, on Thanksgiving Day on trespassing charges.  The 20-year-old Marine was arrested while climbing up the drainpipe affixed to a local office building belonging to the Japanese Landowners Association.

Carson, who was tested for alcohol with negative results, reportedly told police he wanted to go to the roof to practice backflips.  His arrest followed a call from a nearby resident.  The building where Carson was apprehended is used by a group which leases property to Japanese Self Defense Forces.

The latest three incidents come only days after last Sunday’s arrest of a Marine Corps first lieutenant who trespassed into an apartment in downtown Naha City after admittedly violating curfew to drink with a woman in several bars.  Days before that, another trespassing incident in Yomitan involved an Airman from Kadena Air Base who broke into an apartment, hit a young teenager and damaged property before jumping from a third floor window. That attempt to flee landed him in the U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa with broken bones.

The rape of an Okinawan woman in her 20’s started the string of crimes that has triggered an 11 p.m. ~ 5 a.m. curfew for all service personnel throughout Japan. The two U.S. Navy sailors were on temporary duty in Okinawa from their base in Texas when they raped the girl in Okinawa City.

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