Second sailor drops denials in rape case

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The second U.S. Navy sailor accused in the early morning rape October 16th of a young Okinawa woman has changed his tune and admitted being involved, although he says he was too drunk to remember what was happening.

The 23-year-old Seaman, Christopher Browning, says he was drunk and doesn’t remember details of the incident.  Okinawa Prefecture Police are working on gathering evidence against Browning, who they say raped the woman near Kadena Air Base together with Petty Officer Third Class Skyler Dozierwalker.  Dozierwalker almost immediately admitted to the charges, describing the incident he said also involved Browning.  Initially, Browning denied participating, telling police he was at a hotel.

Dozierwalker says although both joined in the rape, he told a lawyer it was Browning who took the woman’s belongings and tossed them away.  The two sailors are in Japanese police custody.  The case has been referred to the Naha District Prosecutor’s Office, which now has a period of time to decide what charges to bring against the two.  The U.S. military says it is cooperating fully in the investigation.

The alleged rape took place in the early hours of last Tuesday, around 4 a.m., near Gate 2 Street.  The woman was reportedly stalked, then grabbed, dragged into a parking lot near her apartment, assaulted and raped.  Police tracked the two sailors, who are stationed in Texas and were only in Okinawa for a two-day temporary duty stint, at a nearby hotel.

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