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IMG_7397Mozuku Yamakake – Seaweed with Chinese yam

Mozuku is in season! Mozuku is a type of seaweed, which is really popular in Okinawa. It can be found naturally in Okinawan ocean during this season. You can make tempura with it as well but this is my favorite way to enjoy seasonal mozuku. The taste is so fresh and I love the kick of vinegar. Naoko Ogura-Gayler   Ingredients To serve 4 • 50g mozuku seaweed • Thumb length Chinese yam, grounded • Thumb length of cucumber • Ginger for garnish • 2 tbs rice vinegar • 2 tbs soy sauce • 2 tsp mir...Read More


Shi-mi items

Shi-mi items

Shi-mi items

As we already introduced Shi-mi in our last week’s issue, there is more to Shi-mi that we will introduce this week. During Shi-mi, the extended family gathers to the family tomb to pray for the ancestors.

As a part of the ceremony they eat traditional Okinawan foods at the open space in front of the tomb after first offering the food to the spirits of the ancestors. Then they burn “UCHIKABI” that represents money given to the ancestors during the religious obon and shi-mii ceremonies, and pray for one’s homestead.

During the Shi-mi season, one can find a rather strange corner display at any supermarket on Okinawa, but that’s very important matter for all Okinawans. 


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