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IMG_7924Akajiso Juice – Red perilla juice

This juice is very seasonal as you can only find red perilla leaves early summer. When I start to see red perilla leaves at markets, it makes me feel the arrival of summer. Every year, I buy a few bunches of them and make this juice. I love the beautiful bright pink color and the fresh and sour taste.  Naoko Ogura-Gayler   Ingredients • 11 oz red perilla leaves • 1.5 oz citric acid • 30 oz sugar • 9 cups water Directions 1. Remove the leaves from the stalks and wash them thoroughly. 2. Brin...Read More





Hakugindou is one of the most famous sacred places in Itoman City, and enshrines the god of the sea. Itoman is traditionally a fishermen’s town, and before traditional events like the Itoman Haarii or Itoman Tug-of-War, it’s customary for people involved in the event to visit Hakugindou and pray for the safety of the event. On the Lunar New Year, people also gather at Hakugindou to pray.

A famous Okinawan proverb is said to have originated from Hakugindou that states, “If you get mad, try not to attack. If you almost attack, try to calm yourself down!”26.133876,127.670146


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