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IMG_0568[1]Nasu no ohitashi – Steamed eggplant with broth

As eggplants are in season right now, I cook a lot of eggplant dishes. This is the dish I like to cook when I have really fresh eggplants (choose short and shiny ones when you shop). This is a very simple recipe but you need fresh vegetables for this type of dish. You can use local vegetables, such as loofah (yes, we eat this in Okinawa) and papaya too. Ingredients 5 eggplants Scallions and bonito flakes for garnish ½ cup dashi broth (bonito or kelp, both OK) – the broth in the picture is bonito...Read More





An Okinawan sweets “Blues” is only sold at Okinawa, and its limited number of producing everyday, that’s why its not easy to get one and taste. Then its called phantom tasty of the Okinawan sweets “Blues”.

Blues is like a castella sponge cake, but more chewy and custard is in. “Blues” is made by Mitsuya Honpo Ryukyu sweets shop located at Onna village, and you can get the Blues at other branch in Road station of Kyoda, Onna or Uruma city plaza. 


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