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IMG_7768[1]Kyurino Tsukemono – Cucumber with spicy vinegar

When you order a set meal at Japanese restaurants, you often find this kind of small dish. We call these pickled dishes sunomono and also hashiyasume. Hashiyasume means “a dish to rest your chopsticks”. These seasoned-with-vinegar dishes will refresh your mouth between main and side dishes. Japanese people also eat these pickled dishes while they chit-chat over green tea or drink alcohol. Naoko Ogura-Gayler Ingredients To serve 4 • 2 cucumbers • 1 to 2 tsp dried chilli (depending on how spicy yo...Read More





Banshiru is guava in Okinawan dialect, and you can find many guava trees growing on the yards of Okinawan private houses.

Guava is not especially well-known fruit in mainland Japan, and most visitors are surprised when they actually see one. It smells very nice and also tastes good! Guava tea is popular in Okinawa, and you can buy at any supermarket.

Guava is said to be good for reducing blood glucose level and also a good antioxidant.


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13:55 24 May , 2015