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Oono House B

Oono House B [Okinawa Area]

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PICK UP – Used Car



  • Price : $3,500
  • Year : 2003
  • Displacement : 2000cc
  • Agent : Used Cars Koza
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Today's Recipe
20160423_215947_resizedShimarakkyo and octopus carpaccio

Ingredients (for 4 persons) ・1/2 bdl shimarakkyo ・1 octopus tentacle ・1/2 season-fresh onion ・1/2 paprika (Dressing) ・2tbs olive oil ・1tbs lemon juice ・1tsp garlic paste ・1tsp salt ・pinch of black pepper ・pinch of parsley Directions 1. Slice the onion, soak in water about 10 minutes, and drain. 2. Cut shimarakkyo, octopus, and paprika into bite size pieces. 3. Combine dressing ingredients. 4. Serve on plate and pour dressing on. Additional ingredients can be added to dressing for stronger taste....Read More


Yushi Dofu


tofu-IMG_0014Yushi dofu is one of Okinawa’s local food specialties sold in all grocery shops in the prefecture. It’s unsoldified fluffy Okinawan tofu.

There are many ways to eat yushi dofu. Many people add soy or ponzu sauce in it to give it more flavor. Minced green onion is also often sprinkled on top. In Okinawa, people also mix it into miso soup or soy-based tuna soup. It’s also good when added to Okinawa soba.

Yushi dofu does not have a strong flavor so it can be matched with almost any food.


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19:39 03 May , 2016