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Ocean Front APT

Ocean Front APT [Uruma Area]

  • RENT: ¥160,000(Neg.)
  • SQFT: 900
  • Beds:2 Baths:1
  • Agent: Taurus Housing
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PICK UP – Used Car



  • Price : ¥380,000
  • Maker: NISSAN
  • Year : 2002
  • Displacement : 2000cc
  • Agent : Used Cars Koza
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Today's Recipe
img_8146Somen Champuru

Somen champuru was standard emergency food on Okinawa during typhoons. Until recently, severe weather often caused power outages that lasted a day or two. In order to be ready, Okinawa residents stocked food that could be kept for a long time, like canned and dry foods, as fresh food would spoil when the refrigerator went out because of the power outage. During such times, easy-to-make foods were cooked with gas that was always available even when every electric home appliance was cut off. Somen...Read More


Bon Curry


BOnCurryBon Curry, the one of most famous ready-made curry in a retort pouch in Japan, has been sold since 1968 by Otsuka Food Product Corporation and its the first company in the world to make retort pouch packed curry.

“Bon” is French and means good or delicious. It is sold with the picture of the lady on the package only in Okinawa.

Bon Curry contains vegetables and meat, of course, and comes in three flavors; mild, medium-spicy, and spicy. And it’s easy to prepare. Boil the pouch about three minutes and pour the curry on the rice! It’s the easiest way to make delicious curry at home whenever the urge strikes.


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