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Shimadofu with kimchi makes a nice snack or appetizer.Shimadofu with kimchi salad

Have you seen shimadofu at local supermarkets? If you shop locally I bet you have. Many of my cooking class students say they have seen it but have no clue how to use it. So, here is a super simple recipe using shimadofu.  Ingredients • ½ shimadofu • 2 to 3 oz kimchi • 2 to 3 Korean seaweed sheets • 1 tsp sesame oil   Directions 1. Gently cut the tofu into portion-size cubes, but make sure you keep the tofu’s shape. 2. Place the shimadofu on a plate. 3. Place the kimchi on the top of ...Read More


Karukan Manjyu


KarukanKarukan or Karukan Manjyu is a traditional Japanese confection. Then most famous Karukan-making prefecture is Kagoshima together with some other areas in Kyushu.

But they’re also famous in Okinawa although here they are a bit different from those made in mainland. There, Karukan or Karukan Manjyu are sold at traditional confectionery stores and considered a kind of formal sweets, but here one can find them in most supermarkets and even convenience stores.

They also are sold one by one for about ¥100 each. Karukan are very popular and familiar sweets in Okinawa, and people present red and white Karukan Manjyu as gifts at auspicious celebrations. 

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