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tomato-tofu salad 7089Okinawan tofu and tomato salad

This is one more way to use local tofu in your meal. Okinawan tofu is quite solid so it is easy to toss in a salad. Also, maybe some readers have noticed that tomatoes at local farmers’ markets are really fresh and delicious at the moment. The tomatoes are grown throughout the year but winter-spring tomatoes on Okinawa are especially good as they are harvested when they’re ripe and ready to eat. Naoko Ogura-Gayler Ingredients • 1/3 block Okinawan tofu • 1 tomato • 1 blanch of coriander • Pinch o...Read More





“San-nin” is a shell ginger in Okinawan dialect or “Getto” in Japanese. San-nin grows wild everywhere on Okinawa and is very easy to find.


It has a pleasant smell, but is also an effective insect repellant. In Okinawa, makers of “moo-chi,” sweets similar to Japanese “mochi,” use san-nin leaves to cover the treat usually consumed on Dec.8th of the lunar calendar.


Please try to have a taste, if you have a chance!



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